Ecofoil Reflective Bubble Thermal Insulation Roll

Bubble foil insulation is suitable for metal buildings, pole barns, homes, attics, roofs, walls, crawlspaces, garages and more, provide R-value, a radiant heat barrier and vapor barrier protection. 




Name: Heat Insulation Thermal Foil Bubble Sheet

Appearance: Silver / Gold / Customized

Structure: Foil / bubble, Foil / bubble/ foil

Bubble size: 4 x 10mm


 Production Application


The Bubble Foil range is mainly used as a radiant insulation barrier under tiled or metal roofing. It is suitable for residential and industrial / commercial buildings. It is widely used as construction material, such as roofs, floors, animal barns, warehouses and ducts etc.


Bubble Foil is the new type of insulation materials. Comparing to the traditional insulation materials, its reflectivity is up to 97%. It can reduce the discomfort from fiberglass or expanding foam and the harm to environment . Moreover, the air bubble can play a role of cushion and the product is light , clean, light weight, easy to cut, quick and easy to install, store, and handle, more important, It is environment friendly.


Thermal insulation material is versatile in use as it can be used to covers the floors, ceilings, crawl spaces

wall and attics and even utilize for packaging purposes. Such radiant barrier film is also used for mobile

house insulation. Large scale steel building and concrete structure can also be insulated with bubble

insulation by pre engineered building insulation. One of the greatest advantage of using thermal

resistance insulation is that it is re-usable and remains in comparatively sustainable shape.

Quick and easy to install loft insulation. Lightweight and flexible. Works by reflecting radiant heat, giving warm, money saving environment. Keep house warm in winter and cool in summer.