Anti Static PE Bag

Anti-static Bags have the ability to dissipate a static charge to ground preventing static charge building up on the package or device within the bags.


Our pink anti-static bags are highly durable and are ideal for storing static-sensitive electronics. These translucent bags allow for easy identification of contents and protect against dust and moisture.



Anti-static PE bag is made through the blow molding of LDPE, LLDPE, anti-static additive, color pigment, stability ingredient and is then heat sealed and cut into bag form.


It has all common characteristics of PE bags as well as anti-static function. Its material is soft, and its thickness can be customized freely. It is widely used in general electronic products like printed circuit board.


Thickness: 2mils or customized.

Color: Pink or other.


Surface Resistance: 10^6-10^11 Ω/sq.


Order plain, or we can custom with your size, thickness, printing, bag type, etc.