Static Shielding Bag

Static Shielding Bag can keep static- sensitive components away from the potential static danger to the largest extent and is ideal packaging bag for contents needing protection from static. 


Its durable construction safeguards static-sensitive devices during transport and storage.


These bags are recognized as the most consistently reliable, readily available and most competitively priced static shielding bags in the electronics industry.




The Static Shielding Bags are constructed from multilayer and provide excellent protection from punctures and tears. These bags provide a static safe environment for sensitive electronic devices.


It is suitable for packing of PCB, IC and other static sensitive components.


Static Shielding Bags are available in regular open top, zip lock top, gusset type, with flap and stand-up type for closure.


Light transmission of better than 50% allows for easy identification of static sensitive devices without removal. 

Thickness: 3mils or customized.

Color: silver gray.


Surface Resistance: 10^8-10^11 Ω/sq.


We can custom with your size, thickness, printing, bag type, etc.

Customization is welcome!